Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

tugas b. inggris

Every man in this world must have the will and ideals of each. Many people who choose to be entrepreneurs, teachers, technicians, and many other tasks. As someone who took college in management, I wanted to become an entrepreneur. Things that encouraged me to become an entrepreneur, as well as from the association that many associate with my employer, my father, too, is a businessman.
Business filed  that I want to wish the business struggled in the field of animal husbandry and business pieces of chicken. Currently I have tried to start a business it is to learn on my parents. I learned from start breeding chickens, nurture it, to do humstrung. But what I really like is in terms of trade. In trade, I learned rigor in selling, quality control, until comunicated directly with customers. In this year I want to build a similar business with my dad but in a smaller scale. I still prefer the segmentation of consumers who would I choose.
Management science which I get from college, I feel more confident in conducting business. Lots of knowledge management that I raasakan very useful for me.
So I am optimistic to achieve goal and my desire is. I also do not forget to pray to god, so what I want can be achieved. So we can achieve success by trying and praying.

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